Easy Living Room Ideas

Working with our new living room has been my first project. We spend most of our time at home in the living and dining room so I wanted to put the most effort into these rooms. This room is still a work in progress, but I wanted to share a few easy ideas to make your living room more inviting (and less white!).

First, I hung curtains. This being an old home, the walls are all plaster with a thousand layers of white paint. There is so much paint on the walls that the molding around the windows are now the same level as the walls. In a few more coats, the molding will probably look like it is sinking in. So this began the first obstacle in our home. The walls were impossible to get a nail or screw into (we broke 3 screws halfway in the wall trying to hang curtains) so I had to find another solution.

My solution was to use 3M strips to hang pictures and 3M hooks to hang curtains. I just placed a hook on each end of the window and then the curtain rod sits on it. It is the perfect solution for this home and for anyone not wanting to drill into the wall.


Another easy way to update your living room is couch pillows. I tend to change my mind on color constantly and get tired of seeing the same pattern after a while. So instead of buying new pillows each time I change my mind or want something a little different, I just buy fabric. Sewing pillows is probably the easiest sewing project possible. I bought a yard of each new fabric from fabric.com and was so pleased with buying online! I was nervous at first because I couldn’t touch and feel the fabric before buying. But I fell in love with these two ikat fabrics and just had to have them. These pillows made a world of difference in the room!


The last quick update I’ve made so far was up cycling an old chest. My parents had this chest hidden away in their basement for years and it was really ugly and in bad shape. I don’t have any before pics but below is the after. All I did was give it a quick paint job with a bright blue color. Then I bought a sheet of foam and covered it with some cute grey fabric and blue piping to create a cushion. The wood on the top of the chest was in bad shape, so instead of trying to fix the wood, I thought to turn it into a storage/entry bench would be the perfect solution for it. I sewed a couple of pillows in fun fabric and it was done!


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