My First PCS Move

With my husband away at OCS, I had to figure out the in’s and out’s of our first PCS move alone. Due to timing issues, we also had to do a DITY move (now called a personally procured move). I had no idea what I was doing or who to talk to in order to arrange everything, but I did know that I couldn’t do much of anything until we had official orders. The problem with that was he wouldn’t get orders until 2 weeks from the time we had to move out of our house. We had no choice but to do the move ourselves.

I began to interview several different moving companies, and was very surprised how little most of their sales staff seemed to care about keeping appointments or getting my business. There was only one company that actually impressed me from the get go and had an excellent sales staff. Two other companies missed the initial consultation appointment, and one was an hour late due to a trip to Discount Tire he just had to make (and wasn’t planning on calling me ahead of time to let me know). After going through all of that I ultimately decided to go with Upack storage containers. That meant I had to pack the entire house myself and then load everything into the containers. It was the cheapest option, but I decided on that route because of the ease of storage in case we did not find a place to live at our first base. I did not want movers to load my belongings on a truck and unload them several times if we had to store our things for a month or two.

To make a long story short, I had a slight miscommunication with the sales representative on the phone and thought my containers would be much larger than they were. When they were delivered to my house I got so nervous that none of my furniture would fit in these teeny tiny containers. But with the help of my family, we got everything that was important inside the containers. I did have to leave a few unnecessary chairs behind, but I was still impressed how much we did fit.


Then we packed up my car with important documents, a suitcase of clothes, the dog, cat, and took off on our 16 hour drive. My brother was so awesome and drove with me to help me with the pets. I had never driven long distance with a dog and a cat and was nervous about it, but that is a whole other story. My husband got lucky and got one of the last available homes on base at our duty station so I was so excited to get there and see where we would be living!

The house we got was a cute duplex built in the 30’s. The second floor is all hardwood, but the first is all gross carpet and laminate tile. I had no idea what to expect from the house and I have heard some real horror stories about on base housing. Our house is very white and plain (and the windows are all painted shut) but instead of seeing that as a hinderance I decided to see it as a blank canvas. Since we will only be here for 1-2 years, I do not want to do any painting or anything too involved that would just get packed right back up in a year. I have started to find other ways to make the white walls feel homey without spending a ton of money or painting the walls.


Also, I can’t really complain about white walls when this beautiful view is about 4 blocks away.



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