Transform an Old Cabinet

An easy way to update old/outdated furniture is to give it a new paint color. In this case, my dad built me a cabinet and I originally painted it yellow to match with my sunroom/garden decorations. I never really loved the yellow paint, it was just not the right yellow. After our first PCS move, the paint was a bit scratched up so this was a perfect opportunity to repaint. Since our new house didn’t have a sunroom, the cabinet became part of my dining room decor. The yellow did not work at all anymore and was a bit of an eyesore. I made my way to the local Home Depot looking for the perfect greige and mint/light blue colors after finding the cutest cabinet on Pinterest in those colors.

If you are painting a piece of furniture that is wood, you will need to buy a primer that is specifically for painting over wood. You also will need to sand off any polyurethane coating currently on the furniture. Since my cabinet had already been painted once, I was able to skip that step this time. I bought a quart of greige and a quart of mint/light blue in a semi-gloss to give it some sheen. I personally like the glossy look of painted furniture, but if you do not then a matte or satin would work well also.

Make sure when you are painting that you have a drop cloth under your furniture and that it is away from any uncovered furniture. Trust me, paint mysteriously ends up places you didn’t think it would reach. I am a messy painter, so I have to have special clothes that I don’t mind getting full of paint and old sheets that I use for drop cloths. Tape off any parts of the furniture you are not painting, or painting a different color and then go to town! I used a mini cabinet roller and a paint brush to repaint my cabinet. It took me 2 coats to get a nice even color. This project only took me about 4 hours total, I’m a little impatient waiting for the paint to totally dry between coats. Here are some before and after shots:


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