DIY Anchor Ornament

Happy Veteran’s Day to all; especially to my wonderful husband, all of my cousins, my grandpa, my father-in-law, and many friends (both old and new) for your service! While my husband is just excited to have an extra day off, I have a new found appreciation for celebrating this day.

Since it’s almost the middle of November, I have decided it’s time to start thinking about Christmas! This year I have decided to do a lot of DIY gifts and handmade items for friends and family. So to start this Christmas season off, I am making anchor ornaments using leftover scrap fabric and embroidery hoops. I am making a couple of these for a few of my new Navy lady friends along with some other goodies (sorry to spoil it if you are reading this!). I am super excited about how the first one turned out, so I may just have to make a 4th one for myself.


Here’s what you will need:

  • Scrap Fabric or a Fat Quarter of your favorite fabric for backer
  • Scrap Fabric or Fat Quarter for anchor
  • Embroidery Hoop (I used a 4″ hoop)
  • Embroidery Thread in color of your choosing
  • Anchor Template (I drew mine but you can always find a silhouette of an anchor online)
  • Fabric Pencil
  • Glue Stick


Here’s how to make the anchor ornament:

  1. Press your fabric. This will make it much easier to trace your anchor and your circle so you don’t have funny shapes.
  2. Lay your embroidery hoop flat on your backer fabric and cut a circle a little bit larger than your hoop. If it is easier, use a fabric pencil to trace the outline of your hoop first.
  3. Cut out your anchor template and lay it flat on your second fabric color. Trace the shape on your fabric with a fabric pencil and cut out your anchor.
  4. Now this part you can change how you want, but I was lazy and I used a regular old glue stick to glue my anchor onto the center of my backer fabric cut out. This was just to keep it in place while sewing. A glue stick alone will not keep your fabric stuck on if you do not sew it down.
  5. Once you have your anchor placed in the center of your backer cut out, either machine sew or hand sew around the edge of the anchor to secure it down. I hand sewed mine, just because it was so small and I tend to have a lead foot on the sewing machine (hehe).
  6. Place your fabric over the smaller of the 2 hoops in your embroidery hoop. Then take the larger hoop and place that over the fabric and smaller hoop, so your fabric is sandwiched between the small hoop and the large hoop. Tighten the screw at the top to keep it in place.
  7. Now take your embroidery thread and hand sew around the perimeter of your anchor. I left a little space between the embroidery thread and the anchor fabric to give a little interest, but you can sew this however you want.
  8. Now take some extra embroidery thread and make a few loops around the top screw (this is how it will hang from a tree or the wall or wherever you put it). Tie it off and you’re done! You now have a super cute decoration or handmade gift.

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