DIY Christmas

This post is way late, but I didn’t want to spoil the final gift for my Navy ladies! Remember that Anchor Ornament I made? Well, that was my favorite part of their gift. But I had a little fun and made the girls a few more things.


1. Painted Wood Anchor- This was a pretty quick one. I found a bunch of anchor cut outs in the wood/hobby section of Michaels, painted a coat of blue (acrylic paint) and then used a sheet of paper to block off the bottom while I spray painted the top gold.painted-anchor

2. Stamped Anchor Magnets- For these I used a sheet of card stock paper and my super adorable anchor stamp and went to town. I cut each of them out in a circle, then cut a larger circle out of felt. I hot glued those layers together, then hot glued the magnet to the back. And there you go, simple, cute magnets!stamp-magnet

3. Christmas Felt Ornament- This was the most labor intensive behind the hoop anchor ornament. I took a sheet of dark green felt, traced and cut 2 leaf shapes (one for front and one for back), then cut and traced a smaller shape on the light green felt. I used dark green embroidery thread to sew the light green to dark green, and same thing for the front and back pieces of dark green. On the inside of the back dark green piece, I hot glued a red ribbon to be used for hanging the ornament. Then I sewed the front and back together and stuffed the ornament with regular fiberfill stuffing. Once that was finished, I hot glued 3 little red balls to the top light green piece. felt-ornament

After making all those little pieces, I got each person a mason jar, filled it with some gift fluff and started filling the rest up with goodies! I also got each girl a lipgloss, nail polish, and cookie cutter. I also got plain gift tags and drew my own design on them with marker. I really loved how they turned out!


On another note, look at the awesome couch my in-laws helped us get on Black Friday! It is perfect. couch

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