Ten Things for the New Year

Happy 2014 everyone! While most people are thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions and how long they might actually keep them, I have decided to make more of a to do list, instead of a resolution. 2013 was such a great year, and also a very difficult year. Last year we became a military family, lived apart for 3 months, rented out our house in Chicago while we travel the world with the Navy, moved, changed job status- then back to previous job status, lost my grandpa (RIP, we miss you so much!!) and made many new friends. Last year was probably one the most eventful years of my life, and I loved almost every minute of it. So, what can I do this year to keep that going? Here is my list:

1. Go visit New Orleans: I’ve always found NOLA fascinating so it is a must to go there for at least a day or two! …just maybe after Mardi Gras.

2. Take Ally on daily walks: I started to do this when we first got here, but then got hooked on watching Bones marathons all day every day and got lazy. Yes, I enjoy laying around on the couch all day working on my laptop. This year, I want to not be quite so lazy, and I feel bad keeping the dog cooped up all day. So, we will go on daily walks. I mean, how can I say no to this cute face?puppy

3. Go to Yoga: The gym has about 6 yoga classes a week that I could go to, but again, I’ve been too busy cooking or watching Bones. This has caused me to become an old lady with creaky bones and a hunched back. I bought a new yoga mat with my Amazon Gift Card from Christmas, so I must go to at least one class a week (but let’s strive for more than that!).

4. Go to the Beach: I feel like this one is pretty obvious for living four blocks from the beach. But, I hope to go to the beach almost every day if I can, at least take Ally on our walks there…

5. Paint: I haven’t painted in years, or done much of any fine art. I have been telling myself for about 5 years now that I want to start painting. This time I am serious! I have all my supplies ready and even got an awesome book showing different techniques from the Half Price Book Store. My Grandpa (on my Dad’s side) gave me a painting he did when I saw him at Christmas, and a painting my Dad did many years ago. I love both of them and already hung them up in the house. I am so lucky to have such a talented family, I just wish I could paint as well as them! It will take lots of practice to get good at it, but I want to paint at least 1 thing this year that I am proud of and want to hang in my house.

6. Tell the People I Love How Much I Love Them: I am really horrible at expressing my feelings (unless I am angry, then I have no problems letting you know you’ve upset me!) and with my Grandpa passing away last summer, I want everyone to know how much I love them and appreciate them. I’m not good at the mushy stuff, but I’m going to try…

7. Volunteer: This one might sound cheesy, but I really want to do something to volunteer for the MWR or USO or something that helps our troops. After getting stuck in the Dallas Airport because of ice, I spent the day in their USO. I was just so blown away by the kindness of the volunteers there that it made me want to find a way to be part of it too.

8. Save Money: This one should be pretty obvious too, I mean who doesn’t want to save money? I really enjoy shopping, and now that I work at home, it’s a nice way for me to get out of the house. But I really don’t need to buy any more home goods or clothes or shoes. I want to start saving better and do something active and outdoors instead of shopping.

9. Climb the Lighthouse: There is a lighthouse on base. It is the only touristy thing we have not done yet.

10. Make a Quilt: I’ve made a couple quilts in the past, but by the end I just get so lazy, they end up half finished for years. This year I want to make a nice quilt for our bed or maybe even a nice duvet cover instead and actually finish it!

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