Living Room / Bedroom Updates

Well, it’s been quite a while since I posted anything. I haven’t really had anything interesting to post and haven’t done any projects for a while. I have been slowly adding pieces to both my living room and bedroom and decided I’d share.

Living Room



Pictured above are some new pillows I bought for the couch. I absolutely love the primary colors on top of the grey couch. They are so fun, bright and playful. I took these colors from the area rug also pictured above. I already owned this rug and had it in my office. It was a bit large for that room, so I decided I wanted it downstairs instead. I really love having an area rug to break up the awful grey carpet and to bring more color and definition to the room.

crochet curtains tv-stand

Here are a few more shots of the living room. I changed out my blue curtains with white. I love these Ikea curtains and they let in much more light than my blue ones did. Since our living room is so dark, I  needed something much lighter and these white patterned curtains are perfect! I also added some really cute navy colored vases in front of my TV. It really dresses up the TV stand. I’m also posting a sneak peak of my next project! This is a flower crochet granny square, that will eventually make a blanket. I only have a few squares started, but I cannot wait until I get enough to make a blanket. I love the colors and hope it comes together soon. Last picture of my living room is my old cedar chest that I took from my parent’s basement. This chest was in sad shape, and is still missing a couple chunks of wood. But I love how it turned out with a bright blue paint color and a piece of foam covered in grey fabric. This is my little bench right inside the front door and acts as storage and somewhere for me to take my shoes off. The cat also claims it as her bed.


bed dresser-bedroom
Here’s our bedroom. I really love how the decorations on top of the dresser came together. I didn’t feel like hanging more pictures, partly because these walls are impossible to get a nail or screw into. I’ve been using 3M hanging strips for almost everything I have hung in the house. By the time I got to the bedroom I got lazy and decided to just layer pictures leaning against the wall. I also got some gorgeous purple sheets (not on the bed in this pic) and a few lavender colored vases. Purple is my favorite color so I am so excited to add bits of it in our room without complaint that it’s too girly.

light armoir
These are a few of my other favorite bedroom items. My mom got me the hand light pictured above two years ago and I am so obsessed with it. I just think it is so neat looking and unique. I also picked up this antique cabinet a few years back and it has always been a favorite piece of mine. Currently, it’s holding my husband’s workout clothes. And of course, while I was trying to take pics of the house, Ally had to follow my around. So she has made it into the post laying on her favorite dog bed (that I made!).


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