Stitch Fix #3

Today I got my third Stitch Fix box in the mail. It was actually pretty disappointing and I will not be keeping anything from this box. I feel like they mixed up someone else’s style and put it in my size. I’m really not sure why they chose the pieces they did for me in this box, so I feel like that is $20 wasted. I thought about just keeping one thing so I didn’t feel like I wasted money, but my husband thought that was just silly and I would end up spending more by doing that anyway. So here is what I received:

1. Emperia: Charleston Embossed Crossbody Bag $48
I didn’t hate this bag, but the texture is kind of snakeskin like and I really am not a fan of that kind of texture. The zippers on the front would be great for holding lipgloss and small items like that. I just felt that for $48 it felt a bit cheap. Maybe if it was $20 I would have liked it better.

2. 41Hawthorn: Florence Colorblocked Dress $68
I felt like this dress made my look a bit frumpy and for a “spring” dress, it’s a bit dark. Overall it wasn’t too bad, but it just didn’t fit my body type very well.

Emperia Charleston Embossed Cross Body Bag
41Hawthorn Florence Colorblock Dress




3. Sanctuary: Jacie Striped Knit Sweater $58
I really did not like this top. I did think the texture was nice for a Florida evening- it felt a teeny bit like terry cloth, but I do not believe it was. I am a bit indifferent about this crop top fad, but this one did not at all work. Also because it has elastic at the bottom it made it kind of poof out weird at the bottom. Overall this one was a major disappointment.

4. Mavi: Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean $128

I didn’t take a photo just of these jeans, but I am wearing them in the below 2 photos. They fit alright, but I don’t really like boyfriend cut jeans all that much. Also they were $128 and frankly, I am too cheap to spend that much on jeans. Stitch Fix has sent me jeans with every box so far and I keep sending them back saying not to send any more jeans. If I decide to get a fourth box, I am going to make it much more clear that I would not like any jeans.

5. Collective Concepts: Wintor Leopard Print Cross-Front Blouse $64

This blouse didn’t fit awesome. The cross-front part seemed to just fall to the sides and looked like a weird vest more than a shirt. I was afraid when I saw “leopard print” in a blouse, but I actually liked the pattern. It wasn’t traditional “leopard-y” so that was nice, but my main complaint is that the front doesn’t really stay in place. This probably would have been my one keep had I decided not to “waste” my $20 styling fee. But in the end, it was not worth $64 when i felt pretty eh about it.

Sanctuary Jacie Striped Knit Sweater
Collective Concepts Wintow Leopard Print Cross-Front Blouse

I’m undecided about a fourth box. If I do get another, it probably won’t be for quite a while. I love the idea of these boxes, but the items are a bit pricey and so far I have only really fell in love with 1-2 items out of all my boxes. My first box (which I did not blog about) was my favorite by far, the second was mostly good and this was a total bust. I’m sure other people have had success with these items, I just did not like them for me.

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