Tiny House

Lately I have been obsessing over the tiny house trend. I think there is just something so awesome about building your own home, that you can tow with you anywhere you go, and totally live off the grid. The more YouTube videos I watch, the less I think I could do it though. Parts of it sound so awesome, like being able to travel anywhere you want and be home. Then there’s the electricity, bathing, and compost toilet parts that I don’t think I would handle very well. Also, there’s the issue of wifi. How can I live without wifi?


I think what I like most about the tiny house trend is the inventiveness these people have to use every inch of space for something practical. Stairs that also serve as storage, etc. I like that they really utilize a small amount of space and make it feel like a lot of space. I’m not one to need a huge house filled with rooms I never use. I would rather have the smaller house, with just the essentials. This is my absolute favorite tiny house so far : Tiny House Giant Journey

My current dream is based on this tiny house trend, however, not quite that tiny. Someday, I would love to buy a piece of land in the mountains or on the beach and build my own cabin. I love the idea of  building my own house, being able to design it exactly how I want and pick out every detail. I would want to include some of the concepts behind the tiny houses to maximize storage and utility within a small amount of space. The cabin would be under 1000 sq ft. with room for a family. Here’s some of my favorite inspiration photos for my future dream cabin.

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