OB Firsts and an HSG

One year in to trying to get pregnant I was finally able to get in to see my doctor. I knew there had to be something going on when we were unable to get pregnant. Actually, I knew about 6 months in but I couldn’t be seen for infertility until a minimum of a year. Read about my first few months here. After I met with my new doctor I received a call from Tricare saying I would first need to go through the OB clinic in order to get my referral out to a specialist. Unsure about how to feel about that news, I made the OB appointment.

The OB clinic on base was a madhouse. People running around, the phones constantly ringing. I was so excited to move forward and finally get some answers that I would have sat there all day and waited to talk to a doctor. After what seemed like forever sitting in the room, the doctor finally came in. She was not what I had expected. She was young and very matter of fact. She was not the kind, caring doctor I had wanted to take on my case. I tried to tell her my story from the past year anyway. I could tell that she didn’t really care for the details and wanted to get out of there quickly. She told me to go up front and schedule an HSG and day 3 blood work. But before leaving, she gave me the “you’re still young” speech, which infuriated me. My doctor is someone who is supposed to be on my side. Someone who cares about getting me the best treatment possible. Instead, she was callous, down playing my problem as if it meant nothing. To me it means everything and I need my doctor to understand that. And then, she was gone.

Well, that threw me off a bit, but at least there was more progress. I went back up to reception and asked to make the HSG appointment. Now came the huge problem. HSG testing must be done between days 5-10 of your cycle in order to see that your tubes are open and your uterus is healthy. The problem was that there was no available appointments during these days of my cycle. And there weren’t any coming up in the next 2 months. Now what was I supposed to do?

This was the beginning of my frustrating experience with the OB clinic. Eventually I was able to figure something out with them and had to get my hsg on day 2 of my cycle.

The morning of my HSG I was anxious. I was excited and scared both to get results and for the procedure itself. This test could give me answers. I could finally know what was wrong. The test lasted all of 10 minutes. I went into the x-ray room that was full of people “observing”. My doctor inserted the catheter with the same indifference as the rest of her personality. Now, to be fair, I had been warned to take advil 30 minutes before my appointment. But I did not have any so I went without. Regardless, the catheter going in was so painful. Everyone I talked to before hand said “oh it’s just mild cramping, like right before your period”. I am here to tell you that they are liars!! Maybe I should have taken that advil after all.

Then the liquid went in as everyone watched on the monitor what it would show. At first I didn’t realize I could watch what was happening on the monitor. I was too busy telling myself to keep breathing, the pain will be over soon. I got great news, everything looked normal and my tubes were open! One thing down, a few more tests to go to figure it out.

I had my day 3 blood work done the next day, and those results came back normal too. So, no answers yet but at least we could cross a few things off the list. It took me 3 weeks to get a follow-up with my doctor. The clinic was so understaffed that getting anything accomplished was nearly impossible. And that is where I leave you for today…


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