My Wonderful, Horrible Time on Clomid

Clomid is kind of a bitch. It’s great because it helps your ovaries release a more mature egg. So if you have problems ovulating, clomid may work wonders. But it also comes with a boat load of side effects that are less than pleasant. I felt bloated and was moody. I got hot flashes all night long (I took the medication at night to avoid dealing with some of the side effects) and they continued during the day. I had the occasional dizzy spell and my boobs hurt. You only take clomid for 5 days, at the beginning of your cycle. I have found that after a week or so my wonderful, horrible side effects seemed to fade off a bit.

Clomid is also a bitch because it can cause cysts. These cysts can rupture or they can “give off estrogen”, according to my mom. The problem is, you can still develop cysts without anything horrible happening.. so you could never know they are there. The only way to know is to do an ultrasound. Now, this poses a huge problem for me because the military hospital is severely understaffed (thanks budget cuts) and I cannot get an ultrasound scheduled simply because there are no appointments available. So, every month I go into another round of clomid blind.

My first month on clomid I was taking 50MG. When I went in for my follow up after my HSG, it was another 5 minute appointment. My doctor came in, said “well everything looks fine” and gave me a prescription for clomid. It wasn’t until I got home and talked to my mom that I found out I should be monitored while taking it. I should receive an ultrasound day 3, to check for cysts from last round. Then again on day 14, to check if I have ovulated. Then day 21 they can do a progesterone blood test to see what my levels are and how well I ovulated. So the first month I was blind, I couldn’t get any of those ultrasounds or tests done to see what was actually going on.

That month I got a big fat negative again. This brought up more questions than it answered. Was clomid even doing anything? The next problem I had was getting a refill. I called the main OB line at the hospital for 2 days straight. No one answered. I called the pharmacy and asked if they could request my doctor’s approval, which was obviously not going to happen. They verified I had the correct phone number, so I just kept trying. I asked several different local Facebook groups for advice and a few told me to submit an ICE complaint. I’m not one to complain, at least officially, and I’m uncomfortable in any sort of confrontational type of setting.

I decided to submit an ICE complaint anyway. It was ridiculous I could not get anyone in OB to answer the phone. How else was I going to get my prescription filled by tomorrow? The next morning, I received a call from one of the nurses in OB, who received my complaint from her commander… boss… whatever. She was very nice and helpful. She told me I could contact her directly with any questions and told me she dealt with most of the infertility patients. I was finally able to get my prescription refilled and I had a new contact at ob.

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