Round 2 of Clomid

My second round on clomid was quite an eye-opening experience into military insurance. I filled my prescription after finally getting someone to pick up the phone at OB (to read about that click here). My doctor had upped my dosage from 50mg to 100mg. She did not check if my body reacted to the medication at all the first month. We had no idea if I needed the drug, if I ovulated, if I had any growing cysts from round 1 that did not flush out, or really what was going on at all. This was concerning to me. Cysts are very common while taking clomid, and in order to make sure your body has gotten rid of it before starting a new round of medication is to do an ultrasound. Now, tricare prime is a lot like a HMO. This means doing any procedures, such as an ultrasound, the Navy Hospital loses money. So instead of giving patients proper care, they do not do monitoring of any kind.

Reluctantly, I started taking my second round of clomid. There was no wiggle room in getting someone to give me an ultrasound. I called the nurse. She explained to me that “if you don’t have any symptoms then you are fine.” Here’s the problem with that. You will only have symptoms if your cyst burst or is causing serious problems. You can still have cysts and have no symptoms. If your body does not flush out that cyst before starting a new round, well, clomid just can’t really work properly. My first round of clomid I had all sorts of hot flashes and mood swings. With double the dosage, I did not have as bad of hot flashes. I did have other symptoms that I hadn’t experienced the first time. Mainly breast swelling and discomfort.

I called the nurse again after finishing clomid. I expressed my concerns about blindly upping my dosage and not knowing what is going on at all in my system. After a while I finally got her to agree to order a progesterone test. Then, to my amazement, she scheduled an ultrasound for me with a different doctor the following month (this was the soonest available). I was overjoyed! I thought, finally someone on my side who is going to help me! Finally a way to bypass my horrible doctor and get things done.

Day 21 came, and I went in to the lab to get my blood drawn. I would like to pause this story for a moment so I can tell you how impressed I am with all the lab techs who draw blood at the Navy Hospital. They always find a vein and get it on the first shot. Anyway, back to my story. That afternoon I called the nurse for my results. She informed me that my level was very good, 49 to be exact. I was ecstatic! She was very positive about my results, telling me to call her back when I get my positive pregnancy test. This was it, I thought! It finally worked! Literally jumping around the room, I text my mom the results. She was happy too, telling me that you need at least a 10 to sustain pregnancy. But, not to be disappointed if I still got a negative test. The high results could be because my dosage on clomid was too high.

Well, she was exactly right. A week or so later I started taking pregnancy test, sure that it would be positive. Only, it wasn’t. It was negative, all 4 tests that I took. I thought, maybe I’m testing too early, maybe I need to wait a few days. So I did, and same results. Impossible! This was supposed to be my month. I felt it so strongly, this was my month. Slowly, my excitement began to fade. I began to accept the single line on the pregnancy test. This was such a low point for me. I was so upset with my doctor that I was not getting proper care.

I called the nurse. I explained to her that I was not pregnant and she did not believe me. She had me come in for a urine and blood sample to check and sure enough, both negative (shocker). This is when I lost her, she was no longer on my side. The system won. She explained to me that I cannot change doctors and she was canceling my ultrasound for the following month and getting me a follow up appointment with my own doctor, to see if she wanted to do an ultrasound. Well, I knew it would be pointless, but I went anyway…

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  1. bosmalife says:

    So sorry about your doc situation… Keep updating as I can not wait for your SUCCESS story!

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