Why I enjoyed deployment


Don’t get me wrong, deployment sucks. Like, really sucks. You move to a new place, an island no less, and 10 days later your spouse goes on deployment. So now you’re completely on your own, thousands of miles from friends and family and you have to not only endure the stress of moving, but endure the wide range of emotions that come with a deployment.

Deployment, no matter the length of time, is something only another mil spouse can truly understand. It is hard to adjust to your spouse being gone for a long period of time. And I don’t just mean that you are now responsible for taking out the garbage. You grieve their absence. You hate Skype for freezing when you only have a 5 minute window to chat. You can’t fall asleep at night because the bed is so empty and the house is too quiet. You worry about their wellbeing, no matter how great of a safe history his platform has had. The car wont start and you curse the universe for the Laws of Deployment. You find little things during the day to keep you busy, but the time between dinner and bed is incredibly lonely. You find yourself talking to the dog because it is just too damn quiet and you need some kind of social interaction.

What makes the difference is the people you surround yourself with while he is away. I have been so lucky to come into a squadron with such a close-knit spouse group. Everyone gets along and they really lean on each other during deployments. As a newcomer I had no idea what to expect. Deployment could have been incredibly lonely if I wasn’t able to make friends quickly. The girls took me in and I felt accepted right away. There was always someone willing to hang out. From the beach, to spouse club events, to running errands together there was always someone around. It was incredible.

And you know what? We did a damn good job at enjoying life during deployment. We drank a lot of wine. We had Wednesday night dinners. We went to the beach. We made the most of our time together without the boys around. And I had a really great time. We were all in the same boat, we missed our husbands but we didn’t want to let that ruin our summer. And now that the boys are home, I miss our Wednesday night dinners and drinking wine late into the nights. These girls have been family to me for the past 5 months. I am so grateful for them.

I love you ladies!!!



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