Why I enjoyed deployment

Don't get me wrong, deployment sucks. Like, really sucks. You move to a new place, an island no less, and 10 days later your spouse goes on deployment. So now you're completely on your own, thousands of miles from friends and family and you have to not only endure the stress of moving, but endure the... Continue Reading →


Road Trip

After orders came in, we decided we would drive our car to San Diego. My husband had some time in his orders for travel and after hearing all the horror stories about the auto shipping company, we decided it would be best to take it as far as we could ourselves to minimize interaction with... Continue Reading →

Another PCS

In the past two weeks we have been in every timezone within the continental United States. Soon we will be in another new time zone (hello Hawaii)! I'm going to break up our move into a couple different posts, so first is the pack out of our HHG (household goods). We were assigned to Coleman American Allied... Continue Reading →

My First PCS Move

With my husband away at OCS, I had to figure out the in's and out's of our first PCS move alone. Due to timing issues, we also had to do a DITY move (now called a personally procured move). I had no idea what I was doing or who to talk to in order to... Continue Reading →

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