Waiting Begins

There is a lot of waiting involved in fertility. This begins the waiting for IVF. The day after retrieval you get a call from the embryologist to tell you how many mature eggs you had and how many of those fertilized. I was a nervous wreck. This is the second huge hurdle and I hated feeling not in control of the outcome.

Right before retrieval there had been discussion of doing a freeze all instead of a fresh transfer because my progesterone level was borderline high. While this was a slight disappointment, I really wasn’t that upset about it. As long as we got those eggs out and to freezing stage I didn’t care as much when transfer happened, as long as it happened. We just needed to get those little eggs out before I have nothing left. And with only getting 8, it seems my time has been cut much shorter than I thought.

Low AMH/ovarian reserve doesn’t only speak to the quantity of eggs remaining. It can also speak to the quality of eggs left. That’s not to say everything you have is garbage, but it does mean they could potentially be not the greatest. I had been doing Ovisitol powder twice a day for 2 months or so before IVF to try to get the quality of those eggs as high as possible. I desperately wanted to know how many mature eggs I had and was so afraid I would have nothing good. Every stage of IVF was like another hurdle, each more nerve-wracking than the last. Ok, I got 15 follicles, and 8 eggs out of that. We were about to face another large jump, but how big of a jump would it be?

The next morning I finally had the information. Out of my 8 eggs there were 4 that were mature and 3 that fertilized. I knew it would be a significant jump, and having half of the total eggs be mature eggs is a good thing. But it is still shocking to hear we went from 8 to 3 overnight.

One more hurdle down, two big hurdles left. We’re already down to three. All that work and meds and praying and we’re already down to three on day 1 (retrieval counts as day 0). Would they make it to day 5? Would we have to do a day 3 transfer instead?


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  1. I know that feeling well of watching the numbers dwindle. Three in the running is good! It only takes one and sounds like you’ve been working hard in the quality of them. May I ask what is ovidrel? I’ve been doing all I can to help my low reserve too

  2. Sorry ovisitol. Also with the 3 day transfer, I believe that back in the natural environment is best so will be doing the 3 day transfer this time unless I get a million eggs. Best of luck to you xx

    1. Yes 3 in the running is great for someone like me! I think it’s definitely just hard to watch the numbers fall, even though you try to mentally prepare yourself for it. I knew before starting IVF that about half of the follicles have eggs, then about half of those eggs mature, then about half of those will make it to transfer and in your mind you think ok so we just need one (and it’s true!) but while it’s happening you can’t help but feel sad when the numbers go down because you worked so hard to get all that you could. Ovasitol (sorry I spelled it wrong in the post) is the same as Pregnitude, which is another powder I used to take. It basically just helps your overall ovarian function and my doctor is really big on it for egg quality. It’s a little pricey but here are links to both:

      Ovasitol: https://www.theralogix.com/product-listing/products-by-category/sp/theralogix-ovasitol/
      Pregnitude: http://www.pregnitude.com/content/pregnitude

      Good luck and baby dust to you!! I hope you have great numbers and great quality. I was so nervous for transfer when we got down to 3 embryos. Especially with lower numbers a day 3 transfer can definitely be your best bet for success.

      1. Thanks so much for the links. I’ll check it out. I’ve been taking dhea over the past few months to help with egg quality and quantity but specialist says that the results don’t necessarily lead to higher live birth rates. The main downfall I’ve found with it is hair loss 😁. I’m just going to stay on it for this cycle and see the results.
        I’m in awe when I read about people retrieving masses of eggs. I know it feels like a lot of hard work for the small numbers but got to have faith. Big numbers don’t always equate to quality eggs.
        Lots of luck and baby dust to you xx

      2. So very true! And I don’t know if either of those really increases anything all that much, but it makes me feel better at least and my doctor swears it’s good so I figured it’s worth a shot!

        I almost hyper-stimed and I was so bloated I could not wear regular pants (thank god for leggings and yoga pants) so I cannot imagine how uncomfortable people with massive egg quantity feel for days and weeks!! I am very pleased with getting 8 eggs, I just think it was also a bit of a shock that my low AMH was a real thing. Not that I didn’t believe the labs and doctors, just maybe it hadn’t really sunk in yet. Everyone at the office said I did way better than they all thought I would and 8 was a really great number. Since I’m 29 they thought my age will work to my advantage in the quality of those eggs.

        I guess it’s just hard some times, you know? The whole thing. It’s all so unfair and it was really sinking in during IVF.

      3. Yes it all helps. I know what you mean with the reality sinking in bit. Being told your ovarian reserve is low but seeing the actual result is another. The most I’ve retrieved is 3 on the first cycle which was a slap in the face for me when other ladies in the next bed to me were getting 10! I’m aiming for at least 5 this cycle. Doctor said between 5-8 is good for me. Fingers crossed for both of us. You can only keep doing your best within the factors that you can control. You’ve definitely got an advantage with your age and the quality of them. Xx

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